EXTENDED DAY STUDENTS (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday--8:30--2:30, Friday 8:30--11:30)
Registration Fee
First Year Child
Second Year Child
Third Year Child

Registration Fee
SECOND AND THIRD YEAR STUDENTS (Monday-Friday, Half Day Session)
FIRST YEAR STUDENTS (Monday-Friday, Half Day Session)$150



THE ELIZABETH SETON MONTESSORI SCHOOL is a non-profit organization and all operating expenses are paid with tuition monies.  Payments are expected to be prompt.  Additional billing is not sent out.  Any tuition payment made more than five days after the due dated is considered overdue and is to be accompanied by a $10.00 late fee.  Checks are directed to the Administrator and made payable to the Elizabeth Seton Montessori School.  All money / checks coming to the school are to be enclosed in a sealed envelope with clear identification of the purpose of the enclosure marked on the outside.

Non Sufficient Fund Checks (NSF checks) will be charged a $25.00 fee.

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